Your Natural Gas Bill – What to Expect


At ENMAX, we know that planning ahead matters to Albertans, and whether you’re running a business or raising a family, being able to plan means being able to anticipate your expenses.

Since June when the Alberta Government passed legislation on its carbon levy for natural gas and oil, we’ve had a lot of questions from both residential and commercial customers about how it will affect the natural gas segment of their bills.

So to help you prepare for what’s coming January 1, 2017, here’s a few quick facts:

  • The levy will be added to the price of fuels all Albertans use – this includes everything from the gasoline we use for driving our cars to the natural gas we use to heat our homes and businesses.
  • The levy applies to all Albertans, no matter who you buy your fuel from. Some Albertans may qualify for Alberta government rebates or exemptions. Learn more at Alberta government’s website.
  • 100 per cent of the carbon levy that companies like ENMAX will collect on behalf of the government through your monthly bill will be forwarded to the Alberta government.

What it will cost

Starting in January 2017, $1.011 will be charged for every gigajoule (GJ) of natural gas you use in addition to the cost you pay for gas itself.  This levy will increase to $1.517/GJ on January 1, 2018.

The average Alberta house uses approximately 120 GJs every year*. This means on average an Alberta household can expect to pay an additional $121 in 2017 and $182 in 2018.

A better than average estimate

Estimates are helpful but we also know that no two homes or businesses are exactly alike.

With this in mind, if you’re an ENMAX Energy residential or business customer, we’re preparing an estimate of what you would expect to pay for the provincial government’s carbon levy based on your previous usage. Our business customers can expect custom reports to be delivered in September. For our residential customers, your estimate should arrive in your mailbox or inbox in November and will be based on your actual natural gas consumption if we have your recent 12-month history. Keep in mind this past winter was mild, so this estimate may be low.

Below is a sample of what information you will receive:

This additional information is part of our My Energy IQ™ offering that we introduced to you back in January – a program of tools and tips to help you understand your energy use so you can plan ahead.

What you can do

Download our carbon levy information sheet and keep it handy, or feel free to share it with any family and friend who have questions.

The best way to reduce your levy and minimize costs is to reduce your fuel use, whether that’s at the pump or in your home or business.

To learn more about reducing your natural gas consumption, we offer a listing of energy saving tips.  ENMAX Energy customers can also use their My Energy IQ™ to get a better idea of how you use energy and receive tailored tips to help you use less.

The Alberta government has indicated some households and businesses may be eligible for rebates or exemptions. To learn more about how this process will work, check out the Alberta Government’s website.

You can choose any retailer listed here or at 310-4822. Electricity and gas delivery to your home or business isn’t affected by your choice of retailer.

(*Alberta Energy website

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