The down low on downed lines

Photo courtesy of Global TV

Photo courtesy of Global TV

Let’s be honest, were any of us who live in Calgary – even if only for a short time – really, truly surprised by a major snowfall in September?

While not unusual, snow storms at this time of year, when so many leaves are left on the trees, can lead to branches and whole trees falling and taking power lines with them.

Over the past couple of days this has meant that electricity has been interrupted to individual homes and neighbourhoods. Our crews are responding as quickly as they can to repair these lines and help restore the power.

Five things you can do

  1. If you see a tree or branch that has fallen on a power line, but the line is still intact and not fallen – stay away, do not try to move the branch or tree. Please call us at 403-258-8232.
  2. If there is a tree or branch that is touching the line connecting your house to a pole, please call us at 403-258-8232 .
  3. Please consider any downed wire to be dangerous, this includes cable TV or telephone wires which can become energized if they contact power lines. Please call 911 immediately.
  4. If a wire falls on a vehicle you’re in, do not try to leave the vehicle, use your cellphone to call 911, or signal a passing driver or pedestrians and have them get help.
  5. Take the time to prepare a 72-hour emergency kit, so that you’re ready whenever you hear of any storm or other possible disaster approaching.

You can find more tips and information on our “What to do when the power goes out page”. You can also check out our outage page, or follow us on Twitter, @enmax

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