Bringing the stories to light: Meet Sabrina


Through our Lighting Up Alberta campaign as well as the Calgary Homeless Foundation and Habitat for Humanity Edmonton we are hearing unique and inspiring stories. We want to share these stories so we all know the difference we can make.

Sabrina and her family get the keys to their home

Home at last

My name is Sabrina and I have two wonderful sons, Braeden (13) and Dayne (11).We are very thankful and excited for our amazing new Habitat for Humanity home. When we first heard that we were accepted into the Habitat program, we were shocked and overwhelmed! I’m so happy that we took the chance and gave it a shot, and I’ve learned to never give up on my dreams. We have been praying for our own home for almost 10 years, and now we are home at last. (more…)

Scam Alert

phone scamUpdate May 21, 2015: Unfortunately it appears that this scam is once again making the rounds. Please see the article below for more information and feel free to share it.

Update January 30, 2015: The RCMP have reports of approximately 2,000 businesses in at least seven provinces have been the target of this scam. Similar to Alberta, smaller businesses, such as independently owned restaurants, are the focus.

if you’ve been the victim of this scam, the RCMP are asking you to contact your local police and energy service provider to report the incident. You can also report any suspicious activity to the National Anti-Fraud Centre at 1-888-495-8501. For more information about scams visit the National Anti-Fraud Centre website.

(Original post January 7, 2015) Once again we’re hearing about a scam where Albertans are picking up their phones only to be told that their electricity bill is overdue and that they must pay it right away or their power will be cut off.  The scammers will even go as far as to say that they’re from ENMAX or another retailer. This is an increasingly common scam, and not surprisingly this seems to occur during cold snaps when the threat of immediate disconnection would be a greater cause for concern.

From what we know to date, these scammers are targeting businesses, but it’s not out of the question that homeowners could also be a target of this scam.

 How to identify a scam


Serve local, Think global

It may be an understatement, but technology changes fast, and with it so too the needs of our customers and our business.

As part of regularly reviewing our business practices to stay competitive in the electricity industry, the need to be able to address technological change related to our business operations became a clear goal.

 The need to be agile

enmax home

We updated in 2013

Some of you may have noticed that went through a fairly major reno late last year. It was work that started to address improvements that you’d been asking for.

And if you’ve watched home renovation shows you’ll know that getting the job done right takes more than a coat of paint – it’s about making sure the foundation and structure are solid.

In the case of our website, IT and people with specific areas of expertise create the foundation and structure of our website and customer service technology. Previously, we would have had to add and reassign staff to address these changes.

Like many companies, what we found was that by the time we had found or trained the right people, the technology ship had sailed and we were once again playing catch-up.

After reviewing the options, signing on with a company that could bring together the type of specific expertise we required, when it’s required, made sense in terms of efficiency and effectiveness

What’s going to happen when I call?

The recent crises, reinforced to everyone the importance of having people here in Alberta to help you out when you need it. This is the same for billing questions or to find out about some work going on in your neighborhood.

This isn’t going to change – our award-winning Customer Care Team is still here, and they’ll be at the other end of the line when you need help.

The only change has been to positions that work on the behind-the-scenes technology to bring enhanced capabilities and offerings.


Nobody likes it when jobs are lost due to changing conditions that are not related to employee performance. Out of more than 1,800 ENMAX employees, a total of 38 were impacted, with most people moved to other jobs within ENMAX, while others accepted retirement or severance options.

And it’s back


At 5 a.m. power began flowing through the repaired cables and connections beneath Calgary’s downtown streets.

While this means that people affected by the fire and resulting outage can return to their homes, and businesses can reopen their doors, our crews will still be on the job to complete the work.

In addition, after a rebuild as extensive as this one, there may be a few power bumps along the way.

The outage by the numbers

  • 3.5 kilometers of cable replaced
  • 130 high-voltage cables spliced
  • 5,000 customers in 112 buildings in a 20-block radius affected
  • 10,000 employees from 2,100 businesses required to work at alternate locations
  • 881 mentions of @ENMAX on Twitter
  • 1 comment referencing Billy Joel
  • Countless messages of support for the ENMAX team

 The real power

Once again we’re honoured by the strength shown by all Calgarians. Thank you for your support and patience.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel

photo 1 photo 3 photo 2

Our crews successfully completed each of the 127 required splices to connect the 3.5 kilometres of new cable back to the grid.

We’re already testing these cable connections, and once this is done there will be some additional steps before power can flow through these cables. While it sounds straight forward, it still requires careful coordination and attention for the safety of our crew members and you.

When will the power will be turned back on

Our target is to restore power by 5 a.m. Thursday morning. (more…)

Making connections


The splicing of the new cables back into the grid under downtown is almost complete.

Testing these connections is well underway.  Ensuring that the connections are strong and safe is essential and the testing phase will require extensive work and due diligence.