One step at a time

With the fire out and things cooled off, we have now started on the next phases of restoring power to the affected areas in downtown Calgary.

Have a look at the video below, it shows that the damage was extensive. (Note: There is no sound with this video, please don’t adjust your speakers)

As you can see there was a lot to remove and clean up. In fact, we pulled out 3.5 kilometres of cable that was damaged or destroyed.

Downton Fire 1

We completed this excavation work as quickly and safely as possible.

Currently crews are working around the clock to replace the 3.5 kilometres of cable that distributes electricity to the residentsand businesses. Once we get that work done, we then will have to splice the cables back together. When all the cables have been connected, the final two steps are testing the cable connections and then finally, re-energizing the entire network area that was affected.

And while it sounds straight forward, as ENMAX Power’s Ken Hawrelko explains in this video, it is actually the most complex part of the repair.

Rather than just replace what was damaged, we’re actually taking this opportunity to upgrade the system so that the system comes back stronger.

We are targeting to have the power back on by mid-day on Thursday – but this is based on what we know at this moment. Situations may come up as part of the repair that could change our estimated timeline, but we will keep you up-to-date with any new information.

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