Oh hail! The osprey cam is off the air.

osprey 1

Photo credit: Janet Preston

From time to time we’ve referred to the osprey cam, and the activities in the nest as the best reality show on the internet.

Well, unfortunately reality became a bit too real last week for the osprey cam.

Along with all the damage done across Calgary by the extreme hailstorms, it seems that the osprey cam has been knocked out.

Working with our friends at the Calgary Zoo, the cause for the camera going dark has been narrowed down to damage to the camera, or the WIFI connection.

Yes, there’s good news and bad news

Good news: We’re committed to getting the Osprey cam repaired, so we can all continue watching these amazing birds.

Bad news: The repairs can’t be made until all the birds have left the nest.

osprey May 12 Janet Preston 3

Photo credit: Janet Preston

As you can see in the image above, the camera equipment is located very close to the nest. We consulted with an environmental specialist who strongly advised against any activities around the nesting platform until the birds have left.  Making repairs now, while the osprey, including the chicks who are still testing their wings, could be upsetting for the birds and might end up posing a risk to them.

Helping the show go on

Traditionally the osprey leave the nest in September and head to warmer fishing grounds. This means that there’s still a month of pretty exciting action around the nest.

To help other osprey fans stay up-to-date on the latest flaps and flights of fancy at the nest, share your photos of the osprey with us, and we’ll post them for others to enjoy.

You can share your best shots with us by sending them to osprey@enmax.com, or join the conversation and share updates on Twitter using #ospreyYYC.

As well, you can also see how the other osprey are doing at any of the other 13 nests located in Calgary. You can find the locations by searching the osprey map found on our osprey web page.

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