If your neighbourhood has power and you don’t, you may have damage to electrical equipment on your property

A quick look outside can tell you if you have damaged equipment that connects your house to the electrical system. If the pole that sticks straight up from your roof is ripped off, not standing straight up, or otherwise visibly damaged, you will need to contact a certified electrician to assess and repair the damage first.

(To search for a certified electrician on the list: for Business Type: choose ‘Residential’, for Chapter: choose ‘Calgary’, Click “Search”)

Once repairs are complete, contact ENMAX and we can safely re-energize your home.

If the line that runs from a power pole to your house is damaged, on the ground or has a tree on it, you do not need to contact an electrician. Please call us directly at 403-258-8232 and we’ll walk you through what to do next. If can not see any damage to the line, but still do not have power, please call (403) 514-6100.

Please don’t approach the line or try to take a closer look at your service mast. If you see damage, do not attempt to fix it yourself.

This is what a normal service mast looks like:

service mast 2

You own the service mast attached to your house. ENMAX owns the lines that run from the pole to the house.

Overhead Service Mast

If you’re unsure, just give us a call at 403-258-8232.


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