How to get ahead by not keeping up with the Joneses

By now you’ve probably heard of ENMAX Energy’s My Energy IQ™ program.

We were thrilled to have Alex Laskey, President and Founder of Opower, drop by and share what motivated him to create the software that allows My Energy IQ™ to help people control their energy.

 “Opower was started nine years ago with the idea that people deserve better information about their energy consumption.”

Alex explains how the behavioural science behind My Energy IQ™ gives people the information that they really want to have.

Learn more about My Energy IQ™  for your home or your business on our website. Or you can try it for yourself by signing in to your ENMAX Energy account.

“People have questions about their energy bill, their consumption… and more importantly what they can do about it.”

ENMAX President and CEO Gianna Manes shares how better conversations with our customers start with listening.

Find out what uses the most energy in your home and what you can do to enjoy greater control over your energy use, sign in to your ENMAX Energy account and click on My Energy IQ™.

See what My Energy IQ™ has to offer

This short video gives you a high-level look at just some of the ways  My Energy IQ™ can help you learn more about your energy use, so you can save more. Although, the best way to see what it can do is to sign in to your ENMAX Energy account and start playing with it.

You can choose any retailer listed here or at 310-4822. Electricity delivery to your home or business isn’t affected by your choice of retailer

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