Excited to be a piece of Mosaic’s puzzle

Mosaic wall module

It’s not too much of a stretch to consider that a building called Mosaic would be the result of many groups and individuals working to piece it together.

However, this Mosaic is more than just eye-catching, it also represents an example of the potential that energy efficient buildings hold, and represents the largest solar project ENMAX Energy has been involved in to date.

On Tuesday, February 17, Mayor Don Iveson, bolted the last of our 636 solar modules to the roof of Edmonton’s Mosaic Centre, Alberta’s first ‘net zero electricity’ commercial building.

Along with being Alberta’s largest rooftop solar set up, Mosaic also features additional modules on the exterior walls. ENMAX Energy’s solar modules selected for Mosaic offer a higher output, which allows them to generate a combined 218 kilowatts of electricity at peak capacity.

The Mosaic Centre illustrates what is possible for commercial buildings looking to use solar electricity for some or all of their electricity needs.

John Rilett, ENMAX Energy’s Director of Distributed Generation quickly pointed out, we had some great help along the way in our solar installation with Mosaic.

“Our local solar installer, Great Canadian Solar engineered and installed this groundbreaking solar array,” he explained. “And the project was also made possible in part by support from the Climate Change Emissions Management Corporation.”

We also are able to provide projects like the Mosaic Centre with “turn-key” solar solutions, including competitively procured installation of our solar modules and equipment by our network of qualified installers, all the required permits and engineering, wrapped up in an innovative lease or purchase option.

Certainly we‘ve seen homeowners take interest in our solar program, but over the last year more and more Alberta businesses and commercial operations are working with ENMAX Energy to have the sun provide their power.

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