Electrical enlightenment

For a month that boasts the day with the most daylight, and therefore the fewest reasons to turn on the lights, you might think that it’s odd that the Canadian Electricity Association (CEA) celebrates electricity month during June.

What might surprise you is that power demand during the longer, warmer days of summer is on the rise due in part to increased usage of electronics, appliances and air conditioning in both homes and businesses.

Raising awareness and starting conversations about how ENMAX and other companies across Canada are working to meet that demand is the goal of Electricity Month.

If you’re interested visit Power for the Future to learn more.

Show us what you know

cea quiz 2

New this year on the CEA’s website is their ‘Are you Power Savvy?’ quiz. Not only will the questions challenge your knowledge, they also offer lots of valuable background information for you to look over.

Better yet? The quiz doesn’t take too much time – and you have lots of daylight to burn this month anyway.

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