Do you remember where you were a year ago? We do.

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If you’ve lived in Alberta for even a short time, you know that strange weather and unseasonable snowfalls are as common as wearing shorts and sandals in February. However, even if we weren’t surprised, it’s nearly impossible not to watch any early snowfall and not think back to “Snowtember”.

With up to 20 centimetres of heavy, wet snow, over one million trees on public and private property were damaged or sadly, destroyed. In a lot of cases those tree branches and whole trees took down power lines as they fell, resulting in the loss of power for thousands of Calgarians.

As a result the ENMAX trouble line received more calls than during the 2013 flood.

Bigger than the storm

If the storm seemed overwhelming, there was something else that we were overwhelmed by – the ability for people – Calgarians, City of Calgary crews, utility crews from other cities, and our own teams, to pull together, clean up and get things back to normal.

After the 2013 flood and countless other examples, this, like an unseasonable snowstorm, wasn’t really a surprise, but it never fails to amaze us.

Expecting the unexpected

We know that other storms will come, whether they hit us in September or in a month when they’re more expected. So if Snowtember 2014 showed us one thing, it’s that information and preparation can help.

Five things you can do to be ready for the next storm

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