Contractor safety incident at Calgary Energy Centre



Update: Around 4:30 pm today, the contractor injured at the Calgary Energy Centre was released from hospital with no serious injuries. The three other contractors who were brought to the hospital for precautionary measures were released earlier today. Hazmat completed its work and left the site around 3 pm.

Today during scheduled maintenance work at our Calgary Energy Centre, at approximately 11 a.m.  there was a spill of approximately 500 litres of hydrochloric acid (equivalent of 2 1/2 oil drums).

As a result, one contractor who was wearing personal protective equipment came into contact with the chemical. Calgary’s EMS services were immediately called to the incident, and the individual was treated on site and taken to a local hospital. Three other contractors were also taken to hospital for precautionary measures.

Containment of the spill is being handled by a specially trained hazardous materials team, and there is no known impact or concern beyond the Calgary Energy Centre site.

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