Knock knock? Who’s there? Not us.

Door to Door

UPDATE (July 21 2015)

We’d like to remind customers that ENMAX will never ask for payment at your door. A customer was recently targeted at their home by a person pretending to be from ENMAX and threatening to disconnect power unless a cash payment was made. We are actively working with the police to investigate this scam.

Please be aware that the only way we will ever request payment is through your invoice, mail or over the phone with our Customer Care Centre at 310-3010. If you feel you’ve been misled, lodge a complaint with the Utilities Consumer Advocate at 310-4822 or the Calgary Police Service non-emergency line at 403-266-1234. If you have questions call us at 310-2010 so we can help in any way we can. (more…)

Scam Alert: Intimidation through imitation

Earlier this year we heard about a scam where small business owners were being told that they had to pay their ENMAX bill immediately or their power would be cut off.

Instead of simply continuing to pretend to be calling from ENMAX, now the scam artists have upped the ante and have recorded the voice from our automated telephone answering system to trick people into thinking they’re speaking with a member of our team.

If you receive one of these calls you may be asked to call 1-855-462-8978, although many different 800-number variations could be used.


Taking a peek at peak power usage

heat wave

There’s one category where summer and winter are becoming more alike – electricity demand.

There was a time when the longer, colder nights moved us indoors and in turn led to increased use of lights, heaters and other appliances. This meant that typically, the highest levels of electricity demand occurred during winter.

But over the past few years things have changed.

Demand is heating up

Summer electricity demand has started to match what we use in winter.

It’s surprising, but Calgary’s record for demand was set in July 2013 at 1,678 megawatts – or 25 megawatts more than the current record for winter demand. To put that into perspective, it takes one megawatt to power 10,000 100-watt lightbulbs, so that addition of 25 megawatts is equal to 250,000 bulbs being used in Calgary alone.

If you’re interested you can watch real-time grid demand on

There are a few reasons for this rising summer demand including home design, population growth, use of air conditioning cooling systems and even our increased use of electronics and chargers. (more…)

Birds of a feather


For almost two decades a nesting platform at the east end of the Calgary Zoo has been home to a pair of osprey. And, for the past few years, our osprey cam has given us a true bird’s eye view of these amazing avians. Thousands of enthusiasts and those who are just curious tune in every year to catch the action.

osprey nest building

This month is one of the best for viewing as the eggs have started hatching, which mean that it’s time for both the adult birds to start filling the hungry, squawking beaks with fresh trout from the nearby Bow River. Tune in often – you won’t believe the size of the fish they’ll bring back to the nest. Recently, some osprey fans got in on the fun by submitting their guesses for when the eggs might hatch to #ospreyYYC on Facebook and Twitter. Five lucky winners of Calgary Zoo passes were drawn randomly from the entries we received. Congratulations if you won one and thanks to everyone who played along. (more…)

October 2014 fire investigation update

As you have now heard on the news or through social media, the Calgary Fire Department’s investigation concluded that the fire on Saturday October 11, 2014 that caused an outage downtown started in the streetlight equipment located in the manhole.

Streetlight equipment is owned and managed by the City of Calgary. And downtown it shares space in manholes with ENMAX electrical equipment, while in other parts of the city it is located on streetlight poles. (more…)

Spring – a time of year for birds, flowers and the occasional pole fire

Spring is unique around here.

One moment you’re enjoying your first walk in sandals and then next thing you know the temperature drops, the clouds roll in and suddenly you’re facing freezing rain or snow.

While these changes in weather can be frustrating if you’re looking for a little patio time, for some of the power poles around Calgary these are exactly the right conditions to start a pole fire. (more…)

Bringing the stories to light: Meet Louise

Through our Lighting Up Alberta campaign as well as the Calgary Homeless Foundation and Habitat for Humanity Edmonton we are hearing unique and inspiring stories. We want to share these stories so we all know the difference we can make.

Calgary Homeless Fd rgb

“If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your own path”.

My name is Louise Gallagher, and I work with the Calgary Homeless Foundation.

It’s easy to discount the value of changing a single lightbulb, but when you own more than 22 buildings each with a minimum of 20 – 30 hallway light fixtures, changing from traditional lightbulbs to energy efficient bulbs has a big impact on your bottom line, and on the lives of your tenants. (more…)