Bringing the stories to light: Meet Sabrina


Through our Lighting Up Alberta campaign as well as the Calgary Homeless Foundation and Habitat for Humanity Edmonton we are hearing unique and inspiring stories. We want to share these stories so we all know the difference we can make.

Sabrina and her family get the keys to their home

Home at last

My name is Sabrina and I have two wonderful sons, Braeden (13) and Dayne (11).We are very thankful and excited for our amazing new Habitat for Humanity home. When we first heard that we were accepted into the Habitat program, we were shocked and overwhelmed! I’m so happy that we took the chance and gave it a shot, and I’ve learned to never give up on my dreams. We have been praying for our own home for almost 10 years, and now we are home at last.

Stepping up

As a mother, it was difficult knowing that I was throwing our money away every month on rent instead of building equity. On top of that, saving enough money for a down payment seemed impossible and very discouraging. We are so blessed to have a home of our own. The boys are most excited about having their own room and to have stairs.

The key to making a change

Opportunities like this one don’t just happen. I’m grateful that Habitat for Humanity took a chance on my family, and thankful for ENMAX who handed me the key to my home – the key that I had been waiting for a long time – and provided the lighting for all of the homes at Neufeld Landing.

The lighting makes our home come alive, and now that I’m safe at home, for the first time I can see a bright future ahead for me and my sons.

– Sabrina

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