Help us celebrate the arrival of three osprey chicks.

On June 10, 2014 the first of the osprey eggs hatched and before they knew it the male and female soon had three new, hungry, squawking beaks to feed.

feeding time two crop

Feeding time at the nest.

This is the 18th season that the platform located on the east end of St. George’s Island at the Calgary Zoo has been the summer home to a nesting pair of osprey.

And with the arrivals our osprey cam has become a baby monitor – allowing you to keep tabs on the chicks. The male and the female will both be busy bringing back trout and other treats (sometimes fish from backyard ponds) to help their brood grow.

Even though it’s a lot of fun (sometimes hours of fun when we should be working) to watch the osprey, the nesting platforms are actually part of a program that helps prevent them from nesting on power poles where they can be electrocuted, or damage the electrical grid.

You can always watch the action at the nest on our osprey cam.

Here’s a little preview of the action.

They’re small but demanding.

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